When you come to one of Toll Gate’s offices, you meet our friendly technicians and office staff and see what they do.

But you may not speak with your radiologist or know what his role is in your care. Here, we share a few common questions, misconceptions and insights.

Is a radiologist a physician?
Yes, we’re highly specialized medical doctors. Our training, which is similar in length to a neurosurgeon’s, allows us to use imaging technology to diagnose illness and injury. Some radiologists concentrate on diagnosis and recommending treatment options, while others actually treat illness or pain.

Do radiologists specialize like other doctors do?
After 4 years of undergrad education, 4 years in medical school, a 1-year internship and 4-year residency in diagnostic radiology, a doctor can choose to complete a 2-year fellowship in a subspecialty. Toll Gate physicians are specialists in these areas:

  • musculoskeletal – Dr. Kei Doi
  • head, neck and neuroradiology– Dr. Vince Frazzini
  • body imaging and interventional – Dr. Anthony Bruzzese

Does my primary care doctor read my test?
While they may review your x-rays or MRI, they rely on the radiologist’s accompanying interpretation and written report to understand what’s going on in your body. Your primary physician often consults with your radiologist to learn about further tests or treatment that would be helpful to your condition.

What about radiation safety?
Your radiologist is trained in and in charge of maintaining your safety and protection during testing. We make sure the equipment and technician exposes you to the least possible radiation while obtaining a quality diagnostic image.

Is it possible to talk to my radiologist about my test results?
The Toll Gate radiologists are happy to walk you through the results of your test, either in the office, via Skype or by phone. We also routinely offer Skype conferences to physicians so we can go over the test images together, and work as a cohesive team for the patient.

Questions? Contact our office at (401) 738-3100 or post your concern in the comments below.

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